About Us

Artisan Body Treats is a Natural Personal Care Company for individuals looking for skin and hair loving products that are moisturizing. Ours is a brand for the chemically discerning woman and man. Our treats are created in small batches crafted with natural and organic ingredients. Providing everything you need and nothing you don't. Our products are full of Mother Earth's best as it is our mission to show love from head to toe.

My Story (My why...)

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Hello I'm Vee the founder and creative mind behind Artisan Body Treats which was created out of a desire to give my family the best. My mother and grandmother ingrained in me at an early age to stay as close to nature as possible. From watching my grandmother cook everything from scratch and even doing her own sewing; to my mother forcing my sister and to eat candy from the health food store labeled "Sugar-Free". Our friends would always be like what's this? Seemed like we were the only kids who's mom was restricting what was put in their bodies. I hated it them but am thankful today. As a young mother I was always looking to the two of them when my children were sick or going trough the growths of being a child like: teething, colic, etc. Grandma was all about old folks remedies and mama new age remedies. Upon the birth of my daughter and deciding not to vaccinate and to nurse this lead me to research any and everything affecting my family, started my natural hair journey and ultimately kick started me into full blown natural mode. I was there before but had leveled up as they say. Started creating a body butter for babygirl to help with her eczema and "Head 2 Toe Love was born. Then needed a better soap than what we had been getting her and Mama's Baby Love was born. Artisan Body Treats was the perfect fit to combine my creativity, concern and love for others with the skills of the business woman in me. As a mother of four and a Child Development Specialist working in the childcare industry for 22 years I've seen and dealt with all types of skin, that being said a lot of thought and research goes into each and every creation making it truly A LABOR OF LOVE!